PEB-Pre Engineering Building Unit Facilities

List of Machines
Sr Description Capacity Make
1 Radial Drilling Machine Drill Dia-50mm to 75mm,Arm Length-150mm KMT
2 Magnetic Type Drilling Machine Up to 32m KPT
3 CO2 Welding 400 Amps WARPP
4 Inverter Welding Machine 400 Amps WARPP
5 EOT Crane 10MT Over Head Sahil
6 Mobile Crane 14 MT Escorts
7 Profile Cutting 1.5 Meter Arm Length Rhino
8 Oxy Acetylene gas cutting sets Upto 100mm Thikness Cutting Kakkar
9 PUG Cutting Maxhines Upto 100mm Thikness Cutting Esab
10 Rolling 2100mm*25mm thk Ganesh Ind
11 Shot Blasting Shed 15 meter * 15 meter Blastech
12 Spray Painting Area 7 meter * 8 meter VR Coating
13 7" Angle Grinder 7" PMT
14 5" Angle Grinde 7" PMT
15 Shaft Grinder KPT
16 Baking & Carring Oven 40Kg Konark
Manufacturing Facilities
Sr Plant Land Area Covered Area Height Of Roof Facilities
1 Unit01-Part A 20000Sq Feet 10000Sq Feet 12 Mtr Travelling Grate Assembly,Pusher Grate,Storage Tank, SS and Alloy steel fabrication,piping and Assembly Work
2 Unit01-Part B 20000Sq Feet 10000Sq Feet 8 Mtr Machining Shop and Office
3 Unit01-Part C 20000Sq Feet 10000Sq Feet 12Mtr Heavy Jobs upto 7 meter Height X 46 meter Length X 20 meter Width
4 Unit02-Part A 40000Sq Feet 20000Sq Feet 8 Mtr Heavy Structural Steel Work such as column,Beam,Bracing,Girders, Ducting,Economizer Casing,Buck stay,PEB Structure,Chimney, Chimney Structure and All kind of Medium and Heavy Fabrication
5 Unit02-Part B 40000 Sq Feet 20000Sq Feet 8 Mtr Blasting and Painting Booth
6 Ware House 20000 Sq Feet Storage of Raw Material and Finished products
7 Unit03 160000 Sq Feet Under Development for Heavy Fabrication work

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