PRE Engineered Buildings (PEB) Manufacturer in Kolhapur

Innovation is the key to success and pre-engineered buildings (PEB) is one of the best example of innovation. Real construction at site has huge challenges. It involves huge investment in terms of time, energy and other resources. PEB is a superb solution to resolve challenges faced in conventional construction. PEB are made of steel. They are engineered at company premises and later fixed at site. Due to easy practical applications it has gained acceptance across the globe. They are used to construct industrial complex, huge warehouses, railway stations etc. PEB has numerous advantages, to name a few

  • Investment wise PEBs’ are much cheaper. Usage of quality raw materials and procurement from certified vendors leads to minimum expenses on maintenance.
  • All materials used in construction of PEB can be 100% recycled, hence PEB helps in reducing the global warming.
  • Today, time is the most important and precious resource for all. Usage of design software and skilled engineers leads to quick construction of PEB.
  • Our engineers have an eye for detail. Their creativity and innovative concepts enables to create customize, spacious PEB for our clients. We ensure that every inch of your space is optimally utilized, giving you complete value for money.

Support for Approvals and Subsidy

“ Our experience tells us that small and medium business enterprises face issues with approvals, subsidies and finance. We assist clients with town planning, government subsidy schemes and bank finance “

Why Select Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB)?

" Go Green with Pre Engineered Buildings.
They have immense energy saving potential"

Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) Applications

  • Industrial Sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Car Parking
  • Security Cabins
  • Farm House
  • Godown
  • Showrooms
  • Portable Cabin
  • Toilet Cabins
  • Project Office Cabins
  • Factories
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Office Cabins
  • Toll Booth
  • Workshops
  • Cold Stores
  • Store Room Cabins
  • Workers Rest Room

Proud To Be Associated With

Presently M and K Group is extending manufactring support to following leading global companies

Thermax Thyssen Group


Thyssen Krupp

Thyssen Krupp

L&T Infra

L&T Infra



Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works (MEP)

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems are an integral part of building services. They also have many sub functions. Each of the MEP systems has complex challenges in terms of coordination and detailing. For smooth functioning of MEP each aspect of building service must be in sync with each other with reference to design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works (MEP)


Fire Fighting Hydrant System: Fire Fighting Hydrant Systems are the most commonly used systems in many residential and industrial projects. M and K Building Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides this facility. Mechanical systems mostly relates to heating ventilation and air conditioning systems. It also refers to transportation systems such as lifts / escalators, infrastructure elements, industrial plant and machinery etc. It facilitates in:

  • Maintaining internal air quality.
  • Regulate internal temperature.
  • Regulate internal humidity.


We also provide smart and energy efficient electrical services for our clients:

  • Electrical power solution system for industry and commercial complexes.
  • System design and installation start from power sanction to end connections (HT & LT).


Plumbing refers to system that allows ease movement of fluids. It involves pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks and other requisite spares. It is fixed accurately to avoid eruptions and leakage. Our expertise lies in appropriate selection of pipes (specification, material) for different types of fluid and resultant fluid, if any.

Civil Works

We offer essential civil services for PEB erection to our clients at affordable prices.

Crane Manufacturing

We manufacture customize cranes for our customer. These cranes are mostly used in marine, civil, automobile, mining and mechanical industries. Their capacity ranges from 2 ton to 25 tone. Our cranes are designed and manufactured by a team of skilled, passionate, experienced and certified engineers. Each crane comes with warranty of 5 years.

Crane Manufacturing

Why M and K for Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB)?


M and K Building Systems Pvt. Ltd. has one of its kind manufacturing facilities in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The factory is spread across 8 acres land with the annual production capacity of 60,000 MT. The plant is quintessentially well equipped with high precision CNC machines to fabricate and supply quality steel buildings. The entire set up is an excellent blend of latest CNC Sharing Machine, CNC Beam Manufacturing SPM, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Press for Small Components, Thread Chaser Machine and fully atomized Grid Blasting and Painting Machine

M and K Building Systems Pvt. Ltd.
M and K Building Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Currently our team comprise of 250 certified, highly skilled and experienced professionals. To promote personal and professional growth at workplace we ensure that each team member is trained in his domain knowledge at regular intervals. We provide handsome opportunities to our team to showcase their talent and upscale them regularly.

Designing and Detailing

Manufacturing of pre-engineered buildings requires creative approach and high precision. Our design and engineering team uses latest software for all PEB designs. We use Autodesk AutoCAD, STAAD Pro, MBS, Stru AD, ETABS NL, 3Ds Max Design, Tekla X-Steel. Our team is trained to handle these complex software which enables them to design customized building structures. We arrange regular training session for our team to keep them updated with latest software version. We make necessary efforts to identify and arrange experts from necessary fields to train our teams. Each trained member gets opportunity to work in new domain which gives them platform to implement new knowledge and hands on experience. Each team is further headed by seasoned professional which ensures no mistakes are done in ongoing project. We are confident that our design team can handle any arduous task successfully and in given time.

Designing and Detailing - M and K Building Systems Pvt. Ltd.
In time Project Completion - M and K Building Systems Pvt. Ltd.

In time Project Completion

We ensure that we keep our commitments. Every project is completed as per customers’ timelines. We are proud to state that till date we have zero complaints w.r.t timelines. Our commitment and integrity has kept our customers satisfied and enabled to added new customers.

Support for Approvals and Subsidy

Our experience tells us that small and medium business enterprises face issues with approvals, subsidies and finance. At M and K Building Systems Pvt. Ltd. we facilitate our clients with these services. We assist clients for getting, approval of Industrial Corporation (MIDC)/ town planning, government subsidy schemes and bank finance. Till date we have successfully executed more than 250 projects. Our dedicated, smart and aggressive team reduces project time by expediting aggressively in project development process.

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